Mix like a pro - with our range of precision dosing equipment for the hospitality industry!

Optimise the quality of your drinks and reduce your workload - with our dispensing systems for the hospitality sector.

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Precise dispensing for perfect cocktails and drinks

We guarantee efficient and accurate drink preparation with our dispensing systems for the hospitality industry. Our high-quality cocktail and beverage dispensers allow you to mix each drink with the perfect amount of ingredients. No more guesswork, no more inaccurate portions - just perfect drinks that will impress your gues

A reduced workload thanks to our dispensing systems

With our dispensing systems, you can not only optimise the quality of your beverages, but also reduce your workload. Precise dosing and simple operation save you time and resources. Concentrate on what you do best - providing perfect service for your guests - and leave the preparation of the drinks to our reliable dispensing systems. Your guests will thank you for it.

From design to service: We are there for you

With our high-quality workwear made from sustainable materials, you can rely on Swiss craftsmanship and quality. SMEs from all over Switzerland appreciate our local production.

Frequently asked questions

Dispensing systems are an investment that pays off for businesses in the hospitality industry. With our high quality cocktail and beverage dispensers, you can optimise beverage quality while reducing labour. Accurate dispensing and efficient preparation will save you time and money. Plus, you no longer need extra trained staff to serve the highest quality cocktails and drinks.

Yes, we do. We offer a complete service from design to service. This includes customisation. We understand that every business has different needs and requirements and we strive to provide solutions that are tailored to those needs.

Yes. Our dispensing systems are very user-friendly and easy to operate. We also offer training and guidance to ensure you get the most out of our equipment.

Our dispensing systems are manufactured from high quality materials to ensure durability. With regular maintenance and care, you can be sure that your dispensing system will operate efficiently and reliably for many years.

Our dispensing systems are used by a wide range of hospitality businesses such as restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels. Feel free to contact us for references and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Optimise your beverage quality and reduce your workload - with our dispensing systems for the hospitality industry.